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cities aviv – here lyrics


i’m stare(?)
yo this the loudest that i ever felt
mother nature empowers as insanity amounts
singin’ hymns a riffs(?) are for the patriarchal belt
not a care in the world for romanols(?) ent-tled
cuz sh-t, this past year i’ve seen a lot of strife
the type of sh-t that have you praying for a poltergeist
hit a lick, roll the dice, you might lose your life
put my patience on nice(?) and i take it in stride

thought i would vanish but i’m ever present, i’m ever present
thought i would vanish but i’m ever present
i’m still here

death to robbin(?), took my cousin off that motorcycle
my mother thinking i’m next, she thumbing through the bible
coming at me with braces, these women tell me i’m worthless
serving me hexes and curses but i’m just tryna exist
put my heart on the surface and raise my art from addicts(?)
n-gg- told me i’m special, must be some sh-t i ain’t seein
to believe in the greens, i broke the mirror to pieces
i walk across the gl-ss, the truth will ever last

to know the future you must know the present
study the root if you should reach the essence
to know the future you must know the present
i used to think i was a f-ck up
i used to think that i should give up
and now i have no f-cks to give up

standing in the messonine(?) and watching every movement
clearly theres a purpose but regardless ima do this
rapperly(?) anxieties have bought me like a vest
but undress(?), i finesse, this is fitness not a test
rock a helmet if you were before(?)
im on the day drink lickin with this sh-t she(?) from new york
i’m from nowhere but this att-tude is not a set(?) in belvedere
maybe outer sp-ce, out