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cities aviv – shock lyrics


pockets lookin’ down
walls come crumbling in
haters on my jet(?)
f-ck the censorship
try’na make arrest(?)
hopin jesus of the tevel(?)
come bless me with a brick
ain’t no sinking to this level
no futures in this sh-t, ain’t no futures in this sh-t
slick heavier(?) apparels and zombie sedated mellow
step up and corporations impregnate(?) them to the ghetto
fragmented altercation
commodified thesis statement
argue we been forsaken
cuz it over night and im out
stompin through this threshold
timbalands on my ankles, my arm, shoulder, and elbows
slick golf(?) figure like a scarecrow
dramanence(?) of a pharaoh
roop(?) snappy headed like a negro
been buckin n-gg-s no free throw
machiavelli breed 2pac
next generation next factor (?) 
life is real

live in shock til you wanna k!ll
live in shock til you wanna k!ll

11:55 walking round high, still alive
i’m surprised i ain’t die – shock
i’m surprised i ain’t died, i’m shocked