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citizen fish – backlash lyrics


they’re shifting the blame for the problems away from the people who made them. pointing the figures and fingers at those who have already found the solutions. the squatters who took themselves in, reducing the homeless and using the homes. the travelers who said ‘goodbye’ to it all, and ‘h-llo’ to anyone else on that road. the kids are ramraiding their boredom, reproducing themselves on tv, with no aims or future before them. the future got faster to see. “they” are the headline writers. “they” are the faces on screens. “they” are the seekers of status. “they” are the words in a speech. prepared for the total rejection of all that they say they can do. after the strikes and the backlash the people will want something new. but instead of reversing the process and listening out for ideas, they’ll turn the attention on lifestyles, untouched by their stirring up fear. and divert the anger and protest away from their actions-in-actions, fictions, denial, contradictions, image-forming, status-building, power-games, names with t-tles, mind-games; diverting the blame by diverting the problem. “yes, but now look at this situation.” here we all go attacking the minority. same old thing, but a different label. pretty soon we’ll all be in one or another, dividing the majority is keeping them stable. it’s basically a case of replacing the reality of people living out their own variety with misinformation about the state of the nation, being down not to the government, but a lack of morality. the only morality they understand is a belief in control of the status quo. anyone succeeding in escaping these things becomes a target when the fuses blow. me, i’ve never squatted nor lived on site, but i’ve seen enough to know what’s right. i’ve watched both sides of this lifestyle fence, and it’s more than politics, it’s common sense. n-body does what they don’t want to. the state exists to promote itself. given alternatives of what you could do, you wouldn’t need the sate, and nor would anybody else!