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citizen fish – bitter and twisted lyrics


i been hating so much for far too long
i can’t think of anything happy for a song
it’s all been covered in critical spit
dredged out and -n-lysed bit by bit

i i i hate this society it made me learn
how to hate so much, now it’s hard to turn
this att-tude it produce in me
to something more/less b & t

bitter and twisted
waving our fists
and taking the p-ss
but who’s the victim?
it’s easier to hate then it is to laugh
bitter and twisted
couldn’t predict it
could end up seeming self-inflicted
or is it introspection gone too far

it’s war in here cos it’s war out there
it’s easier to say ‘and we don’t care’
third degree burns from the third world war
it was fought on television so we all got the score

here’s a commercial break in between
the commercialisation of the human being
hungry eyes, and those that say
there’s no food left to eat today

it’s bitter and twisted
when they insist
it’s always been like this – impossible
to stop the crisis they’ve arranged
try to resist it
maybe you missed it
the revolution just got p-ssed
it’s a choice, relax or drive yourself insane

on the other hand it’s a really nice day
all the insanity’s gone away
good to relax not feeling much, dot, dot
i’m not doing enough!
strength and weakness, chaos and orders
happiness and hate, all messing with the borders
turning my face from the outside view
to ‘have a nice day’ now i’m splitting in two

twisted, i’m splitting in two
bitter and twisted, i’m splitting in two…