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citizen kane – elements of mind (black rain remix) lyrics


[1 verse: jeff duke]
you see at times i recline way back n’ puff stacks, revelations
direct my conversations about the devils we be lacing
in the revolution veitnam is how i’m groupin
minds been a battle since birth
that’s why i’m puffin l’s and juicing
like ya man and i’m troopin
planning my attack on the sounds of waters twins we loopin
inspiration for my soldiers at night
mad brothers holding corners
selling -sh-t- that been white
i be sparkin like a sniper on sight
watching shifty -n-ggas- through my optic range
life’s a b-tch and now she got me acting strange
so i maintains with ill proposes
rhymes are sending message like the burning bush to moses
child would’ve never chose this life
this -sh-t- is trifer than the devils anger
so i reload my mind in every chamber
clips of danger
infiltratin strangers with the ill precision of a green beret
to sacrifice your whole division,-n-ggas- fall on me like right religion
envision kane the ways majestic
mans are vigilantes on some next -sh-t-
my sanity reflects my life in h-ll, surviving h-ll
i resign in h-ll
feed corruption through my clientele
with means for making dreams or production schemes
the man’s rollin l’s, swing and program bills one time
so feel me rain from behind

[chorus: jeff duke]
black rain, peace to the -n-ggas- in the game black rain
through the struggle and the strain black rain
elements of mind, so feel the rain from behind (x2)

[2 verse: down to erf]
i’m sort of like k!ller devil rebel
getaway cars on the sounds of the base in the treble
cause’ i get into mine able and ready, so keep the hi-hat steady or we could be jetty
cause’ yo, i’m similar to richard petty in indy five-hundreds
to retire with wins in abundance
but never to am-ss riches
cause’ when you die the hands of your money switches
now let’s move on to mental oneness
and i say to false facts let’s done this
cause’ we all function as one under the sun
but we’d be fools to make armageddon come
you see, my perspective to be highly elective
goes far beyond any previous accomplished objective
i’m here to maintain respective
and no i’m never neglecting
sounds that my partner still raw selecting
my musical tactics we strive and perfecting all
and the next thing
you get me vexed when you looking to control small turf
cause yo, you need to know that i’m down to the erf
and so i amplify my international worth

[3 verse: jeff duke]
see at times my mind be running like a brother gunning crazed
army fatigues
every day hunting justice like a cure for aids
swing a spade, rhyme crazed
i move strategic lyrics blaze
whenever heated on point
i flame the mc’s like joints
and malefaction
reactions like i’m back in
state of minds positioned like a prison
soul’s attacking
using streets to camouflage verbal entourage
rhymes bound with militant sounds
l’s are blessed by god
no more frustrations
face the alley death is chasing dough
they showing fears like perspirations dripping down they nose
keep your whole crew exposed to
fight like man’s supposed to
with the desperation of a soldier
my lyrics told you, feel my heart beat even colder
fighting for my right stalking alleys like guerilla warfare
now i plan -ss-ssinations
cause the western nations
keeps us in ghettos like in urban reservations
i’ll attack at red dawn
no time remaining on point
military missionary’s is how i vary
my mind is scary preparations from crime one time…feel me rain, so feel me rain…
black rain, black rain…citizen kane…talking black rain. black rain…

[chorus:jeff duke]
black rain, peace to the -n-ggas- in the game black rain
through the struggle and the strain black rain
elements of mind, so feel the rain from behind (x2)