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cj reacts – hottest niggas on youtube lyrics


ant on the beat and he chopped it
she give me face no nogin
you can takeoff like offset and still come back like a rocket
you know that she jockin my steelo
you know i step back when i reload
came to upset everybody at the game you know that i’m hitting my free throws
i walk in the party with iron, crease from head to toe, i ain’t lyin
catch his a– creeping round the corner leave his a– red like a stop sign

you know when she walking she fine
i put the d— all in her spine
came to f-ck up everybody in this rap game you n-gg-s be wasting my time
you n-gg-s ain’t slat nor slime
n-gg- where you come from who your mom
yo b—- be all in my bed talking about daddy can you hit it from behind
i ain’t never ever been on tv, but youtube got and it need me
n-gg- who your record label is you p—- a– n-gg-s still putting out cd’s