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cjae michtavy – cjae michtavy- doom 2 lyrics


[verse 1: cjae michtavy
cut the drama out cause i been workin’ on my actin chops
touch screen chemistry but sci-fi when the action stops
why its high cholesterol my heart is damaged and its blocked
put it on the tip of tongue had it now its lost acid blots
see i don’t give a f-ck about him or her i’m gender neutral
common sense they feelin’ me so let the general recruit you
got b-tches snoopin’ on me like the its blues clues
but it ain’t new to me cause all will use you
tap into their coors get em hoppin’ f-ck who booze you
made believe i made my peace dont matter me its truce to
eyes chinese but ain’t no b-tches on my noodle
drunk actin stupid spit spewin’ dis still foolproof
linin’ flows the best period you just menstrual
toyin’ wit em wit at pen point hit em with voodoo
all the shit d’etat couldn’t help me get a coup flew
cold and sickening the conclusions life commutes you
turbulent and terminal and none of us immune to
it ain’t my business so delay it how it suits you
sands of time the reaper pile it at your funeral
meek will inherit livin’, losin’ strength to do
my eyes equivalent to top of toaster strudel
that’s why i get stoned cause medusa will seduce you
she undress i speak informal but ain’t rude to
we can go in depth and do some crude moves
seems we’re doomed to