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cjay – hip hop lives underground lyrics


[intro: cjay]
check my melody out
yeah, i like that shit
scovery d—i need you to take me way back
i need n-gg-s to know that hip-hop is a culture

[verse: cjay]
uh i spit that fire under a hot spoon
the underground ain’t got room for pop tunes
hip hop should die soon at 12 o’ clock noon
the glock boomed, i hit hip hop with shot wounds
disguised; my costume
now hip hop officially lives underground
rappers suffocate but it breathe through the nostrils
i deem you as hostile
hip hop don’t need two apostles to teach you the gospel
prophet no one can box in as i get closer to top 10
claiming they dope but none of these suckas been hot since
they started; now they adults with multiple options
results of hip hop in 2015, the culture’s forgotten
i ain’t accustomed, this game is lame as f-ck since
we came from substance
who knew what changing it up meant?
yeah your catchy hit made you famous, you prideful
hate to remind you, labels made a mistake when they signed you
first you were hot when they made you
somehow you flopped; you ain’t able
to come up with these hits, now you’re dropped from the label
proud cuz they gave you 300,000 upfront
promised you 3 mill and now you realize they not gonna pay you
you thought you were on top when you got your breakthrough
but then you flopped when you dropped your debut; disabled
who’s fault is that? you’re the cause of that for breaking the laws of rap, it’s all a factor
velociraptor; you got your jaws attached to the game
like cobras striking, these n-gg-s are known for biting
don’t like that they overhyping n-gg-s who don’t enlighten
i give respect to the person who’s first to confess
they sold their soul for commercial success
what depresses me is no one impresses me
now let’s agree success doesn’t determine the best emcee
respectfully, i give it honor, it’s in most of my lyrics
hip hop is not genre, it’s a culture i live it
and you can live it too through knowledge and overstanding
no tolerance, silence em’ if they garbage we spose’ to ban em’
when they forgot to implement the 5 elements
the culture died ever since and that’s why i represent
the lifestyle, n-gg-s are careless, i’m here to bring awareness
and there will be no interference
and what the f-ck these new rappers be acting soft for?
the rap i know is hardcore in it’s purest art-form
not a dj, not a b-boy, or graffiti artist
i’m an emcee, don’t worry bout me i’mma eat regardless
talent, i was given all this
so i turned my studio into a business office
imma make a living off this instead of wasting my time
the term failure was erased from my mind
and replaced with dedication and grind, yeah education is fine
but i got a different plan for me mom
if i have a boss i can’t be a don
and i won’t stop until my family is on, make that a promise
i’mma do whatever it takes to pay homage
one day you’ll see my alb-m in stores
i got a lot to live for, i gotta make it out, my block is piss poor
and they all depending on me
you got beef then send an army
it’s impossible to offend or harm me
so i told myself this isn’t rap, where’s the criticism at?
in fact, i’m bringing lyricism back
i do it for the love, i do it for wealth
cuz i know i will always stay true to myself
hip hop is dead and not only cuz nas said it did
with all this negative it’s hard to let it live
back when gangs ran the block i give props to africa what bambaataa did was take the culture and made it positive
names you gotta respect, first and last was the grandmasters
n-gg-s trynna destroy what they built like sandcastles
don’t represent the culture if you don’t know how to
cuz i’m bout to restore it’s historic values
for certain it wouldn’t hurt you to be aware
i’m the future (prophecy) and this is my purpose for being here
rappers don’t provide so i figured it won’t survive
and when the culture died it multiplied underground

uh, give a f-ck how you feel, son
k!ll hip-hop so i can resurrect the real one