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cjay & scovery d – real prophecy lyrics


[intro: cjay]
uh… scovery d you a fool for this one man
talk about some real shit
now my uncle had a conversation with me the other day and he said
i like what you doing with the music over there and i ain’t knocking you but i feel like you should talk more about yourself
let the fans know who you are
i agree… i feel like y’all should know who i am and *sighs* discover what you listening to
who the f-ck am i?

[verse: cjay]
i go by the name of real prophecy
my philosophy is to k!ll the game and to be as ill as i could be
i’m alive but my life is still not complete
prophecy speak on hip hop beats this is not a gospel cd
my name stands for future of rap
i put the “real” in front of that to let these so called prophets know i’m real one
as a matter of fact i ain’t no prophet i’m the prophecy being told
i played the leading role since 3 years old
i spit heat when it’s freezing won’t need no clothes
i could flow 10 degrees in the snow cuz this beat is cold
i use to sketch and everybody in family my knows that
but then i chose rap when i was 14
now that was 2007 my new sound is pleasant
if you knew bout my gift then how could you doubt my presents?
with yo despicable mouth
i’m no different from yo living room couch; i’m so used to getting slept on
4 years outta high school, i made it to 22 without a record tell me how did i do?
haters holla but will never be the highlight of my mood
i untied the laces so you could walk a mile in my shoes
so please go on a journey with i
confirm it, reply
you heard me, if it doesn’t concern me goodbye
they wonder how that little birdy gets high
somebody clipped my wings when i was young, how in the world could he fly?
is his mind elevated? that’s a good question
and my answer is knowledge is an actual weapon
test my knowledge i’mma have to -ss-ssinate ya
bash ya face up so bad they gon have to cremate ya
who’s coming back to save ya? ask ya maker
after i k!ll you and jack ya paper imma fly back to jamaica
now that’s some gangsta shit for me to complete the alb-m
i watch so many mafia movies i speak italian
i would say i’m a modern day al pacino
robert dinero, n-gg- what you know about casino
awh who am i kidding i ain’t no gangsta
the only difference between me and you is i admit it
rappers telling lies cuz they don’t put their heart in it?
why you think my name is a synonym for authentic?
i don’t sugarcoat shit that’s my character trait
imma make it in this game and i don’t care if it takes a whole century
i still won’t give up my soul entity just don’t mention me i’ll know if it’s meant to be
is that too much? i only ask to be free
just know you can’t spell real without the capital p

[outro: cjay]
ayo real talk all my fans i f-ck with y’all
anybody that support me man i got love for y’all
even these n-gg-s that act like they can’t show me no love or support knowing they like my shit because they consider it d-ck riding
i love y’all too but y’all some b-tch -ss n-gg-s
i f-cks with y’all… i love you m-th-f-ckas
scovery d… i love you too man… k!lled this shit
i see you out here making these beats
real prophecy scovery d