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cjb jnr – oscar trial summary (feat. paperboi) lyrics


artists – ccjb jnr lyricsoscar trial summary alb-moscar trial summary (feat. paperboi) lyrics

cjb jnr – oscar trial summary (feat. paperboi) lyrics
artist: cjb jnr
alb-m: oscar trial summary
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(intro : cjb jnr)
yoh! just confess, tell the truth and get out of your comfort zone. admit you did it!

(verse 1: cjb jnr)
ah! i have been going through this oscar trial
he is so emotional but such a betrayal
he is a man in disguise such a bluff
i don’t remember malady things and stuff
sometimes you got to man up and take the blame
take responsibilities not the reputation
let your pride and ego aside
cut the cr-p out of your life
because everything is about you
seems like you don’t care about people around you
man up bro think before you act
we know you are so emotional but drop the act
quit putting on a fake look confess boldly
not a lie just the truth only
see i spent my whole life building this facade of neatness
but now that i know jesus i boast in my weakness

(dry hook)

(verse 2: paperboi)
yeah! i am all about change
i am caught up in a system that never saw change
paint the pictures with my words
put a frame to it
open your eyes and see the pain to it
mothers crying out for help
but it is time for the government to even put a helping hand
never raise your hand to beat a woman
feed a woman with love
she was created by god
demonstrated by us
and we turn to lose our roles because we acting out of sin
and my eye seen enough
but i will never turn blind to the fact that we are losing
while we are abusing
how our women and children tell me the reason
we wanna live better now
put your weapons down
we wanna live better now
put your weapons down

(dry hook)

(verse 3: cjb jnr)
let go of the past hanging on to old
grievence is part of the intent to protect
blaming your partner for your pain
rather than taking responsibilities
for whatever choices you made
that resulted in your unhappiness
disengage from conflicts
as soon as one person is not open to learning
no judgement
let go of -n-lysing or defining your partner
true statement
let go of interrogating questions that are really attacking
this behaviors are controlling and invasive
this goes to all men out there even myself
bro stop fooling yourself
just plead guilty and stop lying to yourself
rest in peace reeva
this song goes to all women out there
who have been abused
it is based on gender based violence yea
now guys lets stop being jerks
lets love our women
you know