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cjtopoff – zen lyrics


[verse 1: cjtopoff]

i’m just chillin’ with my friends
i been practicing my zen
i been smokin’ in the wind
and i’ve been trippin’ now and then
i’m living in the present cause this life is all a gift to me
the past is just a memory
the future is a mystery
but people don’t show sympathy
they steady with the trickery
they give the planet injury
and then call that a victory
winners write the history
so that shit come out differently
i don’t f-ck with words no more
just let me feel your energy
i just wanna smoke my weed and let the sun come over me
mentally i’m in a buddhist temple as i sit in peace
piece of mind and piece of soul
the pieces that will make me whole
you can choose to play a role
or take a stroll and loose control
we all want nirvana and the freedom from this suffering
but when you reach enlightenment you realize you can balance it
i’m balancing the positive and negative to make me one
my mind illuminated like the moon
my soul shine like the sun

(d-mn, this shit is beautiful)

[terence mckenna]

culture is a simplification and a lie
it’s the currency by which fools navigate the world
smart people get beyond it
and you can choose…

[verse 2: yung steezus]

i am the man they hate to love
i am the man they love to hate
i’m takin’ back my mind
i am no puppet
i won’t imitate
i’m not fit for society but i don’t care cause i’m ’bout me
and my trippy niggas, better yet i’ll say my family
think i’m charles manson cause my family gon’ k!ll for me
psychedelic squad we be them niggas reppin’ 81g
psychedelic squad we be them niggas trippin’ lsd
psychedelic squad we slangin’ acid, shrooms, and dmt