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clannad – coinleach glas an fhomhair – cantoma mix lyrics


on the green stubble-fields of autumn

i saw you, my sweetheart

nice were your feet in shoes

and wonderful your nimble gait

your hair the color of roses

and your ringlets tightly plaited

alas that we’re not married

or on board ship sailing away

the boys around here are

laughing and getting bold

and the people of the high straw?

are making? of my brown girl

if the king of spain would

go abroad with his -ssembled men

i would flatten gr-ss and rank gr-ss

and i would be with my brown girl

buying cows at the fair

if i were? and my brown girl

go and come first love

until we go over to gaoth-bearra

until we separate from each other

the tops of the branches and the swan

from the waves?

that won’t separate us

and it’s only folly for you to put it?

i wrote a letter

to my sweetheart and a sharp complaint

she sent it back to me

that her heart was inside me

compose the artsswann-ble person?

finer than silk or bird feathers

heavy is my sigh

when i think of being apart from her

what i heard on sunday

as conversation among the women

that she was going to be married

to a young man from the place

sweetheart take my advice

and this autumn stay as you are

and don’t tell anyone, my love

that you are my love