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clarence the kid – interstate 5 lyrics


in 2016, the university of southern california had 54,282 applicants from all over the globe. of these, only 3,068 or 16.5% of the accepted students were able to enroll in the freshman cl-ss

let’s go honey, do you have all your things?

[clarence the kid:]
yeah, it should all be in the car!

come on, let’s go we’re gonna be late!

can you put in the address in the navigation system?

starting route to the university of southern california

[verse 1: clarence the kid]
chasing my rap dream in the bay but at the same time
i gotta move down to la to make that dream mine
treat everyday with this music like it was game time
i am a catalyst, break it down like an enzyme
oh my i’m so d-mn optimistic
with this musical lyrical gift that i have
learned to perfect and spit with
i came out of the womb on a mission
to end up in a good position
that would allow me to paint a picture
of the things in my mind, flow so divine
in time i would be known as the guy
who can flip it up and chop it down and barely even try
but still keep it real no room for a lie
on the track cuz that’s just a waste of time boy
prime rhymes and boy i’m barely getting started
my k!ller flow is such a trip, you could say that it departed
on a journey to body everybody and put em on a gurney
i am murking other rappers, those turkeys got taxidermied
boy i am yearning to use music to make an earning
so i’m hopping on the 5 to usc to do some learning, uh

[interlude 1: maps]
follow i-5 south to west exposition boulevard in los angeles
keep left at the fork to stay on i-5 south, follow signs for interstate 5

[verse 2: clarence the kid]
pit stop at the gas station, i’m in the backseat
making beats and kicking frees thinking of what i’m bout to be
i could see it right now, death to rappers r.i.p
clear the way for that young mogul coming out of evergreen
and my team is nonexistent, only one i got is me
so i’m talking to the future of the music industry
using my college knowledge to develop capacity
to take over the rap game with all my self-made mp3s
dang, i’m thinking bout all of the things i’ll do when i blow up
i hope and pray to god that my career will never slow up
just so that one day i can go back to them cobras
and look them snakes right in the face and tell em boy i told ya
ha, man it’s funny how this life game goes
you barely get respect from people on the way to the pros
so you gotta show em that you are driven in your goals
that’s why i hopped onto the 5 and traveled all down this road, yo

[interlude 2: maps]
take figueroa st to usc mccarthy way
you have arrived at your destination

[verse 3: clarence the kid]
welcome to la, the land of opportunity
where no one sleeps, the place where you can find thick girls with booty cheeks
who wanna be your baby mamas when they hear you cue the beat
and kick some crazy verses that will play throughout the city streets
but that’s only if you make it man
you’re done unless you’re popping like the grease inside a frying pan
if you ain’t got no fans then what’s the point in rapping then?
if you ain’t peter pan in neverland your career’s gonna end
so i’m stuck sitting in my dorm room
while people out there partying i’m tryna make the b-ss boom
the homie drake said it first, and now i’ll say it too
i’m in here just making all the music that they party to
and you know i’ma do everything in my power
to be at the grammy party spraying champagne showers
best new up and coming artist and the best till i die
but if that dream is gonna happen, gotta get on the 5

what do you think you’re doing here?

[verse 4: clarence the kid]
am i in over my head?
step on campus with a heavy heart that’s feeling like lead
who am i to say that i can create music to spread
across the globe, are you kidding all your music is dead
your first tape sucked, fourteen tracks of trash
no one wants to hear you talking about your past
and how you were depressed and how you were so lost
that was your debut alb-m, man you call that rap?
you came back with two more mixtapes too
stealing other people’s beats, boy that just ain’t you
boy that just ain’t cool, you better stop that noise
acting like you own the diner as a new busboy
i don’t care where you’re from, i don’t care what you think
i don’t care if you write songs until your pen’s out of ink
you will never be anything boy stop playing yourself
all these unrealistic dreams of yours aren’t good for your health
get your head straight

nearly 41.6% of college students experience anxiety at some point in their educational careers
36.4% of college students will face some sort of depression before they graduate