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clark d – section 3 freestyle lyrics


wake up early mornin’
ready to cook that heat up
brodie hit my phone line like n+gga you know that we up
like i really be so locked in, i can’t even kick my feet up
like not till i get that beamer
but by then i’ll be ready for a rerun

i saw brodie by the way
that’s my n+gga from the day
told him i would never let my family starve
just grab a plate
i know some n+ggas can’t relate
some be greedy with the cake
told em don’t you worry bout’ n0body else’s just be great

and they really tryna act like clark ain’t built like that
b+tch i’m built like that
why’s your face like that, n+gga?
woah, woah, woah
it gets real like that, in the field like that
i keep it trill like that, ay

first off, i got the product i know that they watchin’ me
and second off, i feel like a bull can’t no one else stop me
they might think that i’m c+cky
but i’m seein em switch they the first ones to copy
and this ain’t a hobby, i coulda been better off juggin and robbin
looking for options, music and money you see what’s in common
whether rodman, or jordan just play your position, i gotcha
gotcha ay
don’t give a d+mn whatchu gotta say
this is that clark in his what?
this is the king in his finest state
i tried to go conscious
but the numbers were making me nauseous
some n+ggas would rather be thoughtless
they told me i gotta be lawless, flawless, gorgeous
time is upon us
i’m closing the gap, tsongas
i’m outta this world, cosmic
for this sh+t i be goin psychotic, toxic, stop it


b+tch you know that i ain’t done
when i look inside myself i know i see the holy one
only one, this ain’t golf just know i hit the hole in one
cut from a different cloth, aka a one+of+one

i ain’t never fold
i ain’t never backdown
i ain’t switch the code
and you see where i’m at now