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clark savant – boom lyrics


[verse 1]
why these rappers wanna hate
i love they girl
i take they mate
bathroom stall, procreate
destroy the pussy, desecrate
come here baby, make it quake
take her home, make it ache
forget they rights
forget they freedom
ladies know i dictate
and how he do what he does
its kinda easy when a brother don’t believe in love
but will rap bout what he gotta justa make a buck
making money off love
cupid is my, is my, plug
8 abs arms big
and he got a swell chest
something outta magazine
male model h-ll yes
not to mention, well dressed
don’t do female stress
favorite part of a woman
gotta say face and chest
d-mn! but i really like the backside
slim waist slamming face
and her swag right
of these n-gg-s
im the alpha male of the pride
so i choose who i want
baby girl stay the night?