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clark savant – no more lies lyrics


now i think i understand
having a girl
that makes you wanna be a better man
you do everything you can for her
but she don’t understand
before you know it
she’ll be creepin with another man
so tell me the truth baby
no more lie’s
look me in the face
you know that i
played by the rules
i did abide
gave you my love
but you defied
told me lies
then crushed my heart
villain again
you played the part
j-nickelson in flesh
but not as smart
that’s why you and i must depart
must restart this relationship
bring it back fore relation shift
keep it real
maybe come to grips
that this is something that we cannot fix
can’t mend nor repair
if you can’t change it don’t despare
lifes convoluted
not crystal clear
between you and i life isn’t fair
but what can you do? wheres your resolve
lifes a puzzle we all must solve
adjust to the game
goes around
comes around
yeah it revolves
what you’ve done can’t be removed
want me back then you must prove
that our love has been renewed
this is what i want you to do