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clarkyartist – i’m coming home lyrics


who’d have ever thought, that
i would end up
in the same place i started in
d+mn, these ends f+cked
say i got a couple friends
i would call my friends ‘blood’
they treat me like their own
and yet, still these ends tough

call me lucky
call me brave
know that im here to stay
where yutes pop the pills and buzz
bump, then feel the rush, and rave
to me there ain’t no better place
i lovе life, you can say
got addicted, one tastе
i got hooked and one day

i plan to pay these streets back
for the way that they treated me
i plan to f+ck a chick for every b+tch
that misleaded me
otown ain’t no leaving me
and not like a prison, g
it will stay in their lives
with the king’s, this where the leaders be
if i were to leave
i’d be forever running long
you can’t keep the king away
return to the dusty throne
live a life alone
for the best, and trust noone
and to my wife, music
baby, i’m coming home

you can say that life’s a b+tch
to me, she’s an obese sl+t
i got a lot of haters
who would like to hear my beat cut
they say you can’t leave the game
but the truth is
the game will never leave you
fate, you can’t choose it
there’s only 1 rule
make money and make music
my gift ain’t stupid, see
i will make movements
this one’s for my hometown
going out to otown
this one’s for my hometown
keep it on the lowdown
i wanna thank my friends
each one who made this possible
i wanna thank my guys
ain’t i lucky that i got you
tell my family
tell the world
tell my boys
and tell my girls
that im coming home
no lies
i’m a man of my word

call this a banger
this is one for tha mannor
one for the boys who are locked in the slammer
one for my friends
going out to the ends
one for my boys
who are locked up in penn
this is one for my man, that are up in the skies
you know i wanna see you
and believe me, i’ve tried
this is one for the gs
this is one for the streets
one for my guys
this is not one for ps
even when i needed help
i made it on my own
feel my voice
i’m coming through with something strong
this is one for myself
so tell the world i’m coming home

1.. 2.. 3…

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