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class_sick – the great reset lyrics


before we can move forward, we must first make amends with our past
trials, tribulations, and fake friends is what put us on this path
think pain and embrace change, for without either, no great story would’ve came
break change, fix your mentality, and your perspective follows suit
remain true to n0body else but you
cherish the l’s, love life, live, laugh
lessons, no losses, it’s class_sick

verse one:
suffocate in darkness, icebox where my hеart is
product of the negative еnergy that i harvest
could’ve been two times a convict if they ever made the charge stick
gangsters and they armed with, guns long as they arms is
reputation tarnished, moment you become a target
we survived the hardships, trauma, stress, impoverished
streets turned good kids heartless, made pastors believe in god less
you would think these kingpins harmless
rest in peace, daily departed, all my life fiend for relations
found angels in strangulation, and demons in demonstration
you ask me my motivation, know lack of determination
will get me nowhere but complacent
i’m tired, i’m sick of waiting, know i was born for greatness
when rushmore needs new faces, someone hand my resume in
they pass it, they’ll be mistaken, i’m forged and twice forsaken
was forced in this life to make it, of course
i deal with hatred, the fact i’m alive, amazing
because in all actuality, i should’ve died out there
and i’m just being honest
the universe be universing, and it clearly has bigger plans for me
so long as there’s air in my lungs, come h+ll or high water
nothing will stop this greatness i was born to achieve

verse two:
pain causes incisions, that sometimes obstruct the vision
made some destructive decisions, looking back i wish i didn’t
thought i was handling business, sacrificing all my friendships
reminiscing of the times, and understanding why we’re distant
even though these days were different, don’t undermine my existence
i question the best intentions, feel love has always been missing
apologies overdue, can’t be mad when you’re not forgiving
old and new moment of truth, let me get this out of my system
some days i feel i’m dragging, but still out chasing the dragon
from auckland to manhattan, i clock the audience clapping
i’m in awe, this dream could happen, from all my redeeming actions
slaughtered heathens as i’m laughing, i’m at peace but not relaxing
some people they say they need me, but i don’t need their distraction
seen bosses robbing their captains, imagine turning your back
when you felt the lack of compassion, your heart is starting to blacken
i’m moving forward, refer to them in past tense, i’m past tense

a wise man once said, you start costing me my peace, you gotta go
you’re costing too much, the win is always for the table, never the seat
i don’t deal with the egos who dabble in deceit
and i keep the bigger picture in mind at all times
the universe is not a wish fulfilling entity, so
look deep within yourself and be the change you wish to see
follow these steps and you’ll achieve the great reset, let’s go
verse three:
came out of the darkness, bunch of love, now where my heart is
product of the positive energy that i harnessed
in the midst of all this calmness, realized life can be cathartic
but i can’t give up right now, i still got goals left to accomplish
if you learn one thing about my life, know class_sick is a maverick
the home team is taking flight with no excuses for my baggage
see, we’ve assessed the damage, now the boundary’s been established
i must control my anger, i learned that from reading hamlet
phenomenally, beat oddities that most won’t stand a chance with
your clique is rich, your clique is rugged, we all got thoughts of cashmere
so much changed within this past year, contemplating in that pasture
i was dead, but then came back here and got out my head and ain’t move backwards
to the top, i claw and scratch for, everything i got, just know i scr+pped for
sn+tch the rock, throw it off the backboard, yup this youth who i light this path for
carry the world, of course, my back’s sore, loyalty in my must that’s what i stand for
come from the corner with my jansport one day i’m who they’ll pack them stands for
this great reset, my last resort

sincerely, class_sick, tell them what it is

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