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clayton james – straight stressing lyrics


i’m so mad, fresh out of cl-ss
was straight last, liquor in my gl-ss
i miss my bro rich, was scared to hit up thomas
thats grown shit, i promise, my life, i got it
just got a new phone, my bills paid too
my girl left me hanging, now i’m missing her too
overnight shift, gotta get my bread
getting tailed by the feds, here we go lil red
next week, i might be dead, because i want more
because white, is not so pure
who you doing it for, if not yourself
who really got me when i’m hurting myself
damm, wealth low, ain’t text a soul, now i’m solo
my self esteem, so low, i feel i gotta go, i feel i gotta go
i gotta go man, you know
i’m straight stressing (3x)…yeah
i’m straight stressing (2x)…verse 2 i got it (3x)

whats the point of life, if we get stabbed by the knife
shot by the gun, tears all night
wounds on my body, tryna be like scottie, pippen
but i’m missing everyday, if i keep huckin allys
looking for the way, far from gun play
looking far away, stars in the day
since panacea one, i don’t pray
since my grandmother went, i became a stray
but clayton still strong, i just vibe with the song
hit from the bong, lets move on
do i love this world, no, my color ain’t vital, like pokemon go, hoe
shameful, so, its shameful…..
i’m straight stressing, i’m straight stressing, i’m straight stressing…

i find it crazy, that, you know, certain people are dying
and we got distracted by a f-cking game, that’s all i’m saying