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clif st. laurent – high point lyrics


sh’ome on…

[verse 1]
it’s payday friday and i’ve got it on my mind
i’m thinking ’bout hitting up my spot tonight
i need to find somebody who can shake it right

i’m worried. hope i ain’t wasting my time
last week was it much going on
i could’ve saved all my money and my good cologne

but it’s payday friday. so i figured might as well
got to the spot around a quarter to 12
took off my shirt cuz it was hotter than h-ll

them girls was ugly, but something said stay for awhile
then from the corner of my eyes
i saw a little cutie dancing all to the side
so here’s what i said

(its okay shawty take it there)
(don’t be afraid to shake your derriere)
ain’t nothing wrong with body rocking at this joint
take it from me you are the high point

(if anybody try to hinder you)
(this is all you gotta do)
tell ’em turn loose my pants..and get on the floor and dance”

she was so timid but too fine to be so shy. she loosened up a little bit after a while. she moved from the corner to the front of the line. ooh she called me over and whispered softly in my ear. “why you wasting all this time? you know what i want so let’s get to the bottom line”