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clique girlz – angels lyrics


[verse 1:]
where have all the angels gone?
i’ve been listening for them
when will they come around?
i see darkness everyday

but with help from above
things are gonna change
they never stay the same

can you hear me calling?
can you stop the rain from falling?

i know that you’re watching
watching over me
in angels
i, i believe

[verse 2:]
there’ve been things
i can’t explain
like how my prayers get answered almost instantly

what about all of those signs?
i’ve been following them
they’ve led me through my life
they guide me to the light

[repeat chorus:]

maybe the people that we know
maybe they’re still with us
even when they’re gone

i like to think that heaven is place on earth
i like to think that everyone of us
is taking turns watching the

[repeat chorus:]


in angels
i, i believe