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clyde north – leaked lyrics


started going through the struggle, everyday it was harder
started saving up my dough then my money gotten taller

started posting on the cloud and my fans got larger, i’m just living up my dream so my life gets farther
now they trynna’ be my boy, n-gg- don’t even bother!
and i got a bad shawty, and she give me a holler!
i don’t call a girl a b-tch, i don’t see no collar!
ima play all these sports man, watch me in college!
i’m a smart kid, yeah i really got the knowledge
i hear he talking reckless, but i don’t pay no homage
i never tell no lies cuz’ girl you know i’m honest!
yes it’s papi clyde and you know that i’m on this!
i never talk no junk, cause i don’t do no diss
and i don’t go to clubs man not even “bliss”!
cause’ im only 17 and im spitting with a twist
i just earned thee tickets now im on a whole trip
you could catch me on this ice and you’ll never see me slip!
you could catch me with this glock, yeah i hold it with a grip!
you could catch me with my squad and we posted on the strip!
and im posted with my girl, i be kissing on her lips
and she loving it good, with my hands around her hips
but that’s beside the point, man watch a n-gg- flip!
ima go cash a check, cause’ my money never snitch!
someone pick me up, yeah drop me in a ditch!
this ain’t no video game man ya whole life a glitch!