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cobalt skies – family tree lyrics


it’s midnight on the 23rd of august
i’m just thinking about my life
and how i’m tired of being alone
when i’m surrounded by my
good friends and my brother
they’re so supportive
and my lies aren’t coming out
the way they used to
maybe i’m just blind
maybe i’m a little blind in one eye
so take me to the place where i was born
and tell me i made a mistake
have i accepted life from someone i’m not supposed to hate?
my blood is thinner than her thighs
annie don’t you realize we’re being so unhealthy?
cancer makes me cringe cause i’m just human
i’ll pray to god if he exists the doctor can fix it
if we don’t talk than i can write a song
to make you cry about
how you wish you raised me right
and how you wished we got along
but it’s too late for that mother son sh-t
i moved out and you’ve still got your
other children waiting for you
to teach them how to life
everything is changing, i can tell that you aren’t ready
what’s the point of learning to pretend that you are happy?
it kind of hurts to hear you say that i’m not your son
i almost said i loved you too but lies don’t help anyone