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cody allen – wheres the love lyrics


bad little thing from the south side
bust it wide open leave her mouth wide
oh lord i never had n-body
you know you my shorty, i ain’t got n-body
running running around yeah, you be running around
on my side of town yeah yeah

turn nothing to something make myself a boss
spilling all this henny got me feeling lost
wish i would’ve known love comes with a cost
never would’ve thought i’d be here now
every day we had disappeared now
i put the henny down i see clear now
you got what i want you got what i need
is everything i want what i really need
and if we find love what do we do next
i fell in love with music i ain’t seen a check

love is of a price of your lies after lies
it’s been time after time got me lost withing my mind
running out of tries, it’s been time after time
i’ve been worried about your life you don’t understand why
you got me on the doja yeah, blowing out my stress in the air
i’d be lying if i said i didn’t care
really it ain’t over, shorty bring it closer
i don’t know why
i don’t know why
i’ve been rolling with my right
just trying to do whats right
you’ve been on my mind
i don’t know why
i can’t get you out my mind

shorty don’t know
pop another bean and i’m thrown
i really need you, i really need you
i did it cause i had to
i really thought i had you, i really thought i had you
i’m staring at a full moon, shorty you know you the one
i really thought i had you, now i’m wishing that i had you
i did it cause i had to
don’t wanna talk about it so i rap to it
i had to cut you off cause i’m bad for you
just let me find myself and i’ll be back to it, i’ll be back to it
they don’t seem to understand till them racks moving
my music wasn’t making money had to trap boom it
talking gallons of them lean i had them racks moving
my own friend wore a mic that’s a rap for you, that’s a rap for you
now i got to report to my po, phone call talking about a record deal
i didn’t want to talk cause they won’t talk at meals
i used to talk about it now that shit’s for real
all my day ones still down off the real
can’t wait until we pull up flexing upon the vile
i need 24k in my mouth that cost a grill
fly my family to the bay that’s just how i wanna live