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cody manson & shaaby – ketchup lyrics


[intro: shaaby]
yah yah yah yah yah yah, aye
yah yah yah yah yah yah

[verse 1: shaaby]
smoke that, got that, only be f+cking with that loud sack
no time to look back
only looking at the rolly, got me hit with a flashback
cop that, i’ma need another blunt at the toast
that’s that bread, yeah, i’ma collect that
make a deposit, the club going off
to look and find a bad b+tch that twerk like cardi b
chase it with some bacardi
that fine body, that p+ssy, i’m surfing the wave
i beat it up, call me johnny cage
get out my way, i’m taking these shots
no time for these thots, that p+ssy served late+late
ihop iced up with a cherry on top
it’s too cold on these streets, yeah
everybody tryna compete, yеah
i smoked the rasta just to keep my mind straight
but motherf+ckеrs try me, yeah, these fakes are gonna obey
but i can’t wait to see my fate because i’m on death row
just waiting to be tried, i ain’t scared to die
[verse 2: cody manson]
(yeah, yah, it’s cody manson)
all these rookies out here just trying to play catch up (come on, catch up)
don’t worry ’bout what i’m doing, just go and get your check up (man, go get some money)
if you making threats, then little b+tch, you better vest up (that’s not a good idea)
but that vest won’t help you ’cause i’m shooting from the neck up (hahahahahaha)
don’t talk about my violence, real gangsters move in silence
if you poke your nose where it don’t go i throw them blows and break your sinus (d+mn)
just being honest, y’all some p+ssy boy v+g+n+s (facts)
always quick to start some sh+t but you ain’t ready for the drama, naw (facts)
all i think about is p+ssy, i’m a pervert (yeah)
but b+tch said there’s coke, and i’ma throat just like some sherbet (that rum)
yo vocabulary basic like a word search (hahaha)
i’m baby+sitting all these little rappers, feed ’em gerber (sit down)
i’m on the stage, they in the crowd
they throwing shade, i’m making clouds (yeah, yeah)
i’m burning loud, i’m turning up
can’t turn me down, no (no)
to tell the truth i’d probably hate me too if i was you (you know matter of fact)
no, matter of fact i’d probably shoot myself if i was you (haha)
stupid (stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid)

[bridge: cody manson]
there’s motherf+ckers out here acting like they about that sh+t. it’s trife life or no life, give a f+ck what you thought. shaaby tell ’em what the f+ck is up man

[verse 3: shaaby]
i’ma go hop in a mosh pit and decapitate the prophet so i can make a profit
closed case like your coffin
started local but my sh+t about to pop off
i’ma go coast+to+coast
no middle+minded, i’m about the rise
and those you call your enemies, hit ’em with the johnson
and aye, b+tch, yeah, aye, you can’t even see me
aye, i roll up, i pour up
aye, i roll up, i pour up
aye, i roll up, i pour up
aye, i roll up, yah, yah, yah

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