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cody russell – polar jam [space jam theme song] lyrics


societal chains
whats wrong
whats right
whats cool
whats lame
whats day
whats night
who’s this
who’s that
why you judge
why you hate
watchu say
who’s to blame
i break these chains

man f-ck your words
yo sticks and stones
can’t break my bones
this how i phone home
i be martian
this my spark
i’m barking
can’t stop
i’m starting

the system is broken the rules are to maintain power
power to the top
m-th-f-ck yo top
power to the people
i peep threw ya peep hole
see how they pull they strings
they fecal
what matter?

your money
consume dont question
the leaders be evil
its funny
the blind hop aboard like bunny
pay money for bullsh-t
rock in the band and pull it
aim it at the giant
i will not riot

hold hands with my brother
sing with my sister
rich men in the suits
trade they soul for the mr
mr boss man
mr c e o

i be avatar
see me glow
i bring peace
i hold this deuce
yo count to three
rich men in niuse
white boy loose screws
make the tunes that make you groove to

this the result of broken chains

say whaaaa

break yo chains
free your mind
break yo chains
free your mind
let it go
let it be

we be solar
face the sp-ce
take the joint
spread the jam

cody bear
don gon polar


white man planet
rich men dammit it

we the people
qw can’t stand it

occupy the planet
occupy the planet
tell em we want want peace

can’t stop
the shift
get ya booty on the floor tonight
hey hey hey

come on and slam
polar bear jam
dance around this beat
until the pyramid
begin to crumble