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codypov – a typical lol game lyrics


[intro: female lol narrator]
welcome to summoner’s rift

[verse 1: sona; codypov]
gl hf!

[shen: codypov]
f-ck you i hope you die and fall
stop being an -ss and turn off /all

[sona: codypov]
but i was just being nice

[shen: codypov]
do i look like i care?
you’re such a f-cking nerd
get up off of that chair!

[verse 2: sion; codypov]
guys, this is my first time playing sion
do i buy boots and pots
or should i pick up a doran?

[shen: codypov]
gg, we lose
this sion… real
next thing you know he’s ad with a zeal

[verse 3: warwick; codypov]
give me a leash
dumb -ss.. a good one at that and stop spamming stupid f-cking sh-t in my lol chat
or i won’t gank, f-cking solo queue
i always get the dumb -ss kids just like you

[verse 4: sona; codypov]
hey stop fighting!
we can win this game!
just stay focused and please stop all of the blame!

[caitlyn: codypov]
ward the brush please

[sona: codypov]
oops sorry!
that was my bad
but as i was saying guys don’t get mad!

[female lol narrator]
an ally has been slain

[verse 5: sion; codypov]
where the f-ck is the jungler?
hasn’t ganked mid once
ugh f-cking dumb nerd

[sona: codypov]
we still got this!

[sion: codypov]
no we don’t!
our jungler is so bad
what a stupid f-cking joke!

[verse 6: caitlyn; codypov]
hey someone tell me my cs

[teammate: codypov]
check it yourself

[caitlyn: codypov]
i can’t i’m trying to cs

[teammate: codypov]
just press tab quick…

[caitlyn: codypov]
i can’t i’m trying to cs!
ah f-ck you
you just made me miss a f-cking cs!

[verse 7: sion; codypov]
alright guys, we’re losing
but i swear we still got this!
just group up as five
1..2.. where’s our fifth?

[shen: codypov]
i’m afk, why don’t you guys just surrender?
we can’t win, we’ll lose quick, i’d rather f-ck a blender
alright fine, one more team fight
but after that, f-ck it, i’m done for the night
sick and tired of trying to carry, team so noob
gonna’ make out sesh my girlfriend with big -ss b–bs

[outro: female lol narrator]
enemy pentak!ll

yep f-ck this gonna’ go pump some iron at the gym, peace