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coldplay – the fall of man lyrics


sleep on the ocean
sleep on the sand
i’ve been very busy since the fall of man
son of the devil
you won’t understand
now come on, baby
that’s a sudden end

speak of the devil
inside my head
you’ve been very busy since the world’s gonna end
tired of the symbol
the sun, the sand
talk a little louder, i don’t understand

gonna get the supper to the world tonight
i’m gonna fall asleep
there’s a tiny little sin i’ve gotta do
got to say that i’m only holding up at night
turn with the flow, or this storm

there’s a world outside, wanna let you in
there’s a world outside, not going in
the world outside, won’t let you in

love, love got over that storm
before you get somewhere
oh, love got over that storm

i’ve got a wife and kids in baltimore, jack
i went out for a ride, and i never came back