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​coldxfreshair – ​big city blues [lil peep cover] lyrics


чего мы ничего не пишем?
ладно я тебе щас lil peep’а сыграю

charlie shuffler on the beat

i just wanna see you smile
i just wanna make you mine
we can spend time, smoke away the time
we can go anywhere you ever wanted
anything you ever dreamed
i can make your dreams come true (come true)
i’ll be on my own, no crew (crew)
out here makin’ these moves (yeah)
singin’ these big city blues (city, yeah)
i don’t wanna think about you (nah, nah)
evеry time i think about you (you)
i swear i fall in love again (d+mn)
i rеmember everything you said
promise me it’s real (yeah)
girl, i got a deal (got a deal)
you could be my girl if i could be your world