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coleman bounds – liquidate lyrics


one shot k!ll! (2x)

[verse 1]
i stay thinking of a master plan
motherf-cker, i’m a mastermind, i’m a 17 year old dollar sign
i’m a one man tragedy
i’m columbine
i’m sharp as f-ck, but no porcupine
penitentiary blade to cut your -ss up
good looking hunk
looking for anybody that´s looking for me
shotty, look ’em right in the eye
what do i see?
a scared man waiting to die
a scared man, i even got you a suit and tie
something suitable
sledge hammer break down your nail cuticles
ya bish, i do the unusual
anything is necessary in the art of war
slam his head inside the suicidal doors
do him like lil man off ´players club´
roll around to his knees rub
i´m a groundhog
no, i´m a young hog
hogging up all the money from all of y´all
it´s funny how all of y’all want to be my -ssociates
come around, smile like that sh-t is appropriate
i´ma put it to your skullcap and open it
leave it on the side with that hoe you were rolling with
i´m rolling with the 9mm close to my nuts and d-ck
you know who you´re f-cking with
i´m done with regular bowel movements, i´m on some other sh-t
i´m a f-cking beast, ya’ f-cking bish
i´ma f-ck your b-tch
then, send her back to you
let her suck some d-ck, then let her kiss on you
now, ain’t that a b-tch?
that ain’t right
but, that’s my life
if you don’t like it, then we gon’ fight
syke, you gon’ be fighting a bullet, ya’ bish

one shot k!ll! (2x)

[verse 2]
where´s the pump at?
thinking of a master plan
motherf-cker, i´m a mastermind
i´m a 17 year old dollar sign
i´m a one man tragedy
i´m columbine
sh-t, you already know what i´m about
keep the guns by the couch in the living room
company act up, we give it to them
send it to them like e-mails
let them sell his soul
put his body on retail
if we do dirt
and you tell
we´re gonna put you under dirt
he was a good person
he was down to earth, but now he´s down to earth
chilling with the worms and the insects, his brother´s gonna be next
his mother gonna be after him, k!ll the family tree
if they´re f-cking with him and that him is me
and that limb is lost on your body
aiming at your feet, probably