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collin coderre – control lyrics


[intro: collin coderre]
i’m gonna bring hip hop a future, stand tall like martin luther, kendrick layed it out as you heard
rap is my girl i like to abuse her, completely smash my computer if you wanna learn about hip hop ill be glad to be your tutor…

[verse 1: collin coderre]
scared to call someone out you got no b-lls like you was neutered
y’all are a bunch of losers
windows down caps open i turn from being shot to the shooter
everything that comes out of my mouth is straight greatness
that’s why every time i sneeze my fans start ravin’
like ray rice when he was misbehavin
when he punched janay right in the face when he was elavatin
but this is just the basics a simple tutorial
when i spit my raps come out smooth like i was drinking loreal
the comeback kid is leading the pack, celebrate with the gods and start beatin the bad
one of yall can’t complain if i make it to the big leagues
ill make it up there with eazy e, 2pac, and biggie
will you please not offend me
my guns are locked and ready
yall wanna diss you’ll get shot in the neck, leg, and the belly!
you know a songs good if it says that i wrote it
a suicide bomber listens to it before exploding says that im gonna blow up
right when he goes in i show no emotions
whats with the commotion, strap your seat-belts in here comes the ocean
i put these kids in the submission, all of you better listen i dont like dissin
but bad music is bad music and ill put an end to it
put these rappers in a grave with a smiley face next to it
i mean no offence to the people
ill finish their careers and they won’t come back for the sequal
yall just in it for bread like a flock of seagulls
time to make these rappers cry like a kid when he sees a needle
ill have an ak, an 11, p90, an mp7, an mp5 5 empty 9’s
a line but not of cocaine but propane thats fine
light it up right in the house of my enemies thats none of my con-cern
burnout the engine, did i forget to mention, im doin this all for fun
not for the sake of vengeance
one clip in the mag
yall could stick in the back
im gunnin down these kids with the clickity clack
yall ain’t nothin to me
yall ain’t nothing to see
nothing to be
if i get famous yall come runnin to me
a bunch of gold diggers diggin for gold
when they hit it they go
there bad at spittin they know
yall try and start and im hittin yall slow
slow enough to feel ya teeth breakin
slow enough to feel you decapitating

[verse 2: collin coderre]
i will murder an emcee
any rapper against me, there all just garbage
their name should be hefty
i might be right handed but ill stab you with my lefty
the name is collin coderre all of yall should respect me
if someone says who’s a good rapper im the person you define
yall just sit around and whine, ain’t even worth my time
emcee hitlist who’s first in line
yo ill spit something ill then it’ll spread like a plauge
im’a be one of the best and can’t one of yall complain
and to yall main-streamers lemme say one thing
your rapping game sucks it always stays the same
i’d rather be taped on a railroad, then listen to music
all these rappers just fail yo, you gotta brain so use it
i start to look at them thinking like there slow
being a bad rapper was an option and they decided to choose it
rap attack im a rebel
snap the back of the devil
ill retire hip hop when colin kaep come back with a medal
im’a start, stompin on you im ndamukong suh
vs the green bay packers im’a dominate you
im popping not you
snap a neck, come back affect
the next kid who has no respect for my raps or my rhymes
all my time, im wasting you hating, look way up in the sky
my rhymes are amazing
i write when i look up in the clouds and start gazing
because my raps are heavenly
wack? yeah, ill never be
hit me up at seven e-leven
shoplifting im getting so many felonies
im on top of the world n-body out there can hurt me
you choking on your
raps like you was swallowed when you was burping
sweatpants and a jacket
walk in the room and start rapping
when you spit i start laughing
you won’t stop me! its impossible
the consequence is not the best
collin coderre, better than the rest…