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colossus – like that lyrics


[verse 1]
guess who’s back the only other corner black
infrared on the mac
looking for the more hoes like used to phone
star 69 a n-gga fast to get him on
little homies in the hood that came up
it used to be tonka truck
now they got techs in the trunk
with a tricky trigger finger dying to use it
old fiends in the hood still abusing cocaine
kinda glad to see the game ain’t changed
just the people and the level of the evils
triple k tried to burn down the black church
and don’t give me that sh-t
bill clinton wasn’t the first president to get high
and trick off his d-ck
once again i’m looking for a nine-to-five
the road ain’t no ho, neither is the inside
where you don’t want to go
and you might die quick if you ain’t a soldier
no, ’cause sh-t ain’t right
what went wrong
when will he come forth to carry his home
where will he be safe without the chrome
i don’t know but until then i gotta go forth with the gusto
i know that i’m a sinner
but i’m a g and imma be at that last dinner

and its like that, and its like that

[verse 2]
dropping bombs all day like timmy mcveigh
taking out kkk schools like oj
and making a cool getaway
i don’t play
i’m here to stay
i can rock a party all day
the ultimate task, you may ask
i’m always first i’m never last
its not past tense speaking, its me reggie p
it won’t be long before i (?)
and you can do the same if you slide it right
come on over here, get live tonight
we can do it left to right, or right to left
and i won’t stop the rhythm until the beat gets (?)


[verse 3]
me and my brother we getting gone till the early morn
tweeking till the birds start chirping
i roll with
one brother quick to scr-p
(?) his grip bust your -ss in the lip and take your heat
no the shoes on the other feet
beat you down till you’re black, blue, and bl–dy
pistol whip your buddies
run get your pop, get your money
setup shop in your spot bro
mind body and soul until the world blow
my momma want me to stop
but i’m addicted to the block looking for change
so i flow
but at the same time crime pays if you get away
straight jacket lock a n-gga up and throw away the key
ask me no questions and i’ll tell you no lies g

[verse 4]
check it out homie, it ain’t about hits
we’ll be number one till you’re convinced
well you’re looking for the best
you’re wasting your time
they don’t come any better, were the top of the line
we like fine wine
looking for the chedder
its a rat race
to put the cheese in your face
and its like that, its like that