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comma, splice. – reconstruction lyrics


political reform
first government under a republican
but the us was torn
union and confederacy, we called it civil war
we thought slavery oughtta be abolished in the north
’cause they found it abhorrent
while the south found it important
but lincoln then resisted southern instincts with his ten percent plan
a proclamation of amnesty, see when southern rebels wanted governments of their own the only thing to do was to protect the function of their property
yo but hold up…
property, let’s talk about that
’cause probably southern rebels thought that meant slaves too
no way, dude
see lincoln then set the record straight about slaves with the next amendment – 13
saying we ain’t wanna deal with no slavery
but even if it’s abolished
southern black codes still stopped any progress
african americans being treated improperly despite the fact that letting ’em be property’s abolished
jim crow laws still taught blacks they’re beneath us
but abe came in clutch with the freedman’s bureau
giving former slaves their leniency thorough
-ly see, we now be granting ’em plantations and new land
but on the other hand
southern democrats combated with the ku klux klan
and racism would rage again
but not on abe’s watch
amendment 14 made illegal all the crow laws
for the southerners more loss
no more setting all the whites on top
union will not stop
’till the confederacy’s generally {general lee} all gone
but congress wanted more action the reconstruction act was then put into action the fact is that southern secession didn’t matter when radical republicans soon would readmit them to the union
confederates practically lost this especially since congress got the 15th amendment onto the constitution saying blacks could vote
and they’ll obviously vote segregation outta office
but johnson was not as popular as lincoln at all after john went and shot him, the people they wanted the tensure of office
leading to deteriorating power of leaders, the president is finna need direct consent of the senate to reach and set a goal and johnson wanna veto it but luckily congress got it over him
wait, wait
andy johnson got impeached – violation of the recent act
he had edwin stanton removed for grant
took his job for granted
but man andy hated stanton
he even tried replacing him again and
that’s when the senate had it
26th of may, salmon p. chase managed to have him
convicted for his actions (yeah)
the union got their country back yeah
the union got their country back yeah
confederate rebels they lost what they had, no no
no more slavery and they won’t get it back
leave it in history
yeah, leave it in history
yeah, leave it history, yeah
leave it in history
yo why don’t presidents have beards anymore
yo, c’mon, lincoln had a beard
i mean, johnson didn’t have a beard, but johnson wasn’t that good so y’know
but like, just imagine trump with a beard, obama with a beard
i think they need beards
y’know, presidents need to have beards again