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complete failure – detoxicant clockstomp lyrics


disgusting man in my head again
blacked out on chemicals type of stop being me
tired unconscious mannering rehe-rs-s
viloent and deadly fluids exchange between her and me
devol woman type of disease
these detoxicants clockstomp a f-ck blast
content adhedon
the wolfman f-ckbath life i live
praised in the laegwounds, growing hair in the dark
mostly used in anatomic combat dissolving across the floor
and heartlocked actions waste away
the gnashing gnarly, drool small
not sorry for much from here
but i wish you happy endings
we were more than just sleep or just f-cking fake it for all i care
be jealous, be rottentrigue, be poor in no graphical understanding but if ever a fogged overf-cking thought
i celebrate with you, hurtwoman, a copious tyrannical street love
the innocant repectator in me is as quick and as hard as i must
but may you boil to dust come back and die twice style
only the p-ssive intro to the sound of all gods, conception conceived all at once like hearing father nails exploding in his grave