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con-go inc – he shines brighter than a thousand stars lyrics


no one can hold him down remix

i like it better when it shines
i see him then
the wind blows my hair
i feel him near
from coast to coast, um gonna let em know
christ is mine and nothing
can hold him down
twists n twists, i find my way
i don’t fear shadows in the
valley of death
tiger eyed, my vision’s cleared
fantasies of this world
is now in the rear
so i go on a journey
with my stomach kinda churning
this battle’s not for me
for the vision’s kinda blurry
i look and behold, a rider on the white horse
his power was that of sources unknown

like dirt blown in tha wind
my whole life is simply floating within
the premises of doubts, time and sp-ce
but my life is hid within his hands
bring a drill, bring a hammer
my whole life is hid inside the rock
how the demons can bow to him
i am truly baffled, can’t take it in
how he calmed the raging the sea
peter’s unbelief had him sinking deep
god the father who sent his son
you shine brighter, than a thousand suns

i speak to nations, countries
distant hills
hail christ the lord our sovereign king
one who holds time within his grasp
i truly swear no one can hold him down
the prince of peace, the 8th element
appeared in disguise yet a divine eminence humbling, humbling to be more like him
let him have his place and in it take precedence
called up on the altar to serve, declare
who we gonna serve; you see it’s him there
i don’t got a lot to complain about
he shines brighter than a thousand stars