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concrete cee – ambition lyrics


[chorus 1]
when you’re one with your purpose
go out and get what you’re worth, f-ck if they think you deserve it
that’s ambition

from a beginner to a proven winner, whether
you’re in the background or you’re always front and center
you’ll get there through ambition

doing bad, never stray from the plan, just go harder
doing great, never rest on your laurels
that’s ambition

letting go of everybody that is toxic
talking out their -ss when the plot thickens
cause they ain’t got ya ambition

[verse 1]
show your heart, where’s it really at?
living the dream of another, or getting yours and then giving back?
i know we all ain’t where we wanna be
but can we make it there? one foot before the other and we’re gonna see

everyday of our lives, we are pressed to survive
pressed to provide, p-ssions buried alive
what do you get up for? is it all duty?
what gives you happiness doing, just talk to me

if there’s a vision in your head, flesh it out
do the numbers, build bonds, get it done, get it out
it only sounds hard cause you know there’ll be hardship
but when it’s done you’ll have confidence

let them suckers worry ’bout their boss’ favor
sitting in a barrel of crustaceans, thinking that they’re safer
but when you’re pescetarian, you’ll see food
that’s aligned with your goals, never let your thoughts waver

[chorus 2]
on the grind without a partner
transforming into an empire from a startup
that’s ambition

getting no support from your friends so-called
come to find out that they wait for you to fall
that’s the price of ambition

some prefer shortcuts, other take detours
the reward’s much sweeter, when the road was hard
that’s ambition

always back your gut feelings with facts
keep your ego and emotions in check in here chessgame
of ambition…

[verse 2]
both feet in tailor-made shoes, doing the legwork
treading where experts wouldn’t dare plant boots
ahead of the game, frenemies low-levelled
i’ve been grinding, while you b-tches been trying on pantsuits

talking ’bout your office, i’m getting offers
thanks to authority as an author
checking some messages i would never respond to
former companions talking all that back-in-the-day shit, look, i warned ya

i’ll move on, no regrets, hard feelings are reserved
for the day you’re really standing in my path
cause this is about the craft, not the millions that it’s worth
on the market, you’re blind when the value is intrinsic

i’m working towards a masterpiece –
of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity
building a body of work yet unseen
co-created by artists from over fifty different countries

don’t tell me this ain’t ambition…