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conejo – for there eyes lyrics


[verse 1]
among the fallen
i have risen
when everybody thought
that i was missin’
came dissin’
the others in the struggle
this a piece
of the f-cken puzzle
that’s 20/20 vision
360 degrees
see the chopper in the sky
i’m camouflage in the street
a serpent in the rain
well i’ma voodoo hex
m-th-f-ckers know the time
and what i rep
i’m g rabbs
ese on location
they suspended
so you tell me
who can i trust?
and i tell you
why the f-ck i bust
this a murder
that’ll make you dance
not with the stars
not even a chance
this a voyage
in to the city of death
here we go
take a breath

in the sky
that we shape
for their eyes

[verse 2]
autumn is my season
and my birthday october
that mean i get high
never wake up sober
got a gun
a forty glock
if i pop it at your body
it gon’ make you stop
i’m the rap game’s threat
from a evil set
guantanamo bay
i pray you’re mad & upset
that’s a p-ssage
in to darkness
pay attention homeboy
i’m about to start this
know my targets
and i just can’t wait
i’m psychotic
that’s my state
you’re a snake
you just cyber bang
i hack through your system
futuristic man
that’s how we ride
suv or low low
midnight mission
i’m a do it solo
oh no
this is almost h-ll
from the flames coming up
i know you can tell

in the sky
that we shape
for their eyes

[verse 3]
this is not a test
you f-cking with the best
with a dead end tattoo
across my chest
i’m at the nest
with soldiers in the ghetto
homie stoners from the varrio
play with heavy metal
one time for my boys
doing time on the tier
and for my boys in the grave
i’m a pour out this beer
the special powder
that keep me up
its a bag of lavadita
if you know what’s up
i’m induced
with psychosis
homie every single night
i’m increasing my doses

in the sky
that we shape
for their eyes