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conejo – please come back lyrics


(please come back)
she was like
c – o – n its over
we finished
you ain’t tryin’ to change your life
man, that shit hurt a m-th-f-cker
but you know she was right
i wasn’t trying to change my life
i was doing me
and i still am
but i miss her
i miss her like a m-th-f-cker
you know i’m sayin’?
that was my soul mate
that was righteous
that was baby
(oh baby please come back)
check this out this bout us

[verse 1]
please come back
is a thought without voice
its me looking back
to when i made that choice
drugs over you
was a f-cking mistake
but when you young you don’t think
that your heart could break
and it broke
into a million pieces
love letter to your door
by using telekinesis
loneliness increases
when you’re feeling like this
certain oldies come to mind
make you reminisce
i was caught up in the mix
didn’t see you leavin’
you was with another
but i wasn’t believin’
it’s deceivin’
to my eyes
ese blinded by the light
when situations arise
i fed you lies
but you lied to me back
and when you f-cking did it
it’s like a stab in the back
i was bleeding
under edge of death
i seen you couple times
but just for sex
i miss you girl
i vacant place in my world
its always gonna be there
just incase you return
i never learn
and live with no concern
i guess i was born
to be a thorn
while i mourn
another one that’s p-ssed
as i think about the times
how they gone so fast
let’s go
into the memory bank
let me pull out a couple
before i draw a blank
i remember that night
had them all black stacy’s
guayabera was white
you had that red short dress
fit tight on your body
and it was getting close
get up out of that party
we’re on the freeway
it was memorial day
you put your hands in your panties
and you started to play
you got wet
then started grabbing my d-ck
so my hand reached over
and started feeling your tits
we got home
after we closed the door
everything i was wearin’
just hit the floor
she went down to her knees
started giving me head
i was smoking on a joint
my f-cking eyes was red
then i laid her out in bed
with her legs wide open
started eating out the pussy
with so much emotion
had the potion
water bed like the ocean
i don’t give a f-ck
baby make some commotion
she with it
so i proceeded to hit it
she whisper in my ear
come on daddy just get it
she look angelic
came down from heaven
then she hooked up with the demons
something she’ll be regretting
hit it doggie
til the sun came up
in the morning did the same
then we showered up
i guess love
gonna last forever
even though we separated
memories together

if you ever get a chance to hear this
you gon’ know it’s about you
without even mentioning your name
who else would it be about?
you know i’m sayin?
you left an imprint on me
but no matter what
ain’t nothing could erase that
love always, big g rabbs
that’s right