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confligo – the circle of fire lyrics


the black horizon i feel in my mind
when the lonely soul receive the “sign”
the dominion on earth shall return to the beast

the ancients speaks from their old shrines
lead my sacred sword when my rage is blind
the invisible eye control the triumphant pride

the darkness flame burn on the grave
of the mighty lord that broke the chains
his misterious knights, revenger of a past of memories

“the circle of fire
are burning tears of the defeateds
in a simphony of steel and fire
black revengers of the night
are the circle of fire”

in the deep of heart i posses the fire
that will burn the corpses of my enemies died
the nocturnal sky is the grave of the scream of light

the night arrive like the cold dark ice
into shadows dream are the undid disguise
the superior forces have complite the circle of fire

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