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connie dungs – somehow lyrics


you made my world go round
you made it inside out now
you made me make these sounds
you made me want to blow up
you know you do it
you know you do these things you do
you tried, you blew it

i used to love you so
and i guess i still do somehow…

you were the girl for me
you were just what i needed
oh yeah, but now i see
i’ve been robbed, pillaged, and cheated
why do you do it?
why do you do these things you do?
you know you’re stupid

you lied to me
and now i see that you’re not for me

maybe i’m the one who’s wrong
maybe this song’s misdirected
i knew it all along
i’d eat these words i’m spraying
you know, so do i
that we can’t from escape from the magnetic pull
it grows, increases, it draws me to you
i hate your guts
i hate your stupid guts
deep inside i hate your guts
you motherf-cking slut
i hate you now