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conrad jenkins – the day the earth stood still lyrics


[verse 1: connor]

i’ve been carrying the game like noah’s ark
cause my flow is sharp
when i spit
they giving no remarks
i put the low in park
roll the windows down
put the dro on spark
tryna ease my racing mind like go karts
don’t get me started
i’ll go leo
wolf of wall street
still needing margot
please don’t hesitate to call me
writing torch bars
no sports car
cruising 94 and i got the north star guiding me
poor sports keep trying me
i ain’t tripping off what you heard partner
i know my words longer than these wordmongers
i’m like unabomber
step into the spot, it goes up
we really do it big man
call the coroner
when you stepping on my turf
it gets real
leave this motherf-cker like the day the earth stood still
better go to church
get healed
c wiig spitting
now they tryna make a deal?

[verse 2: connor]

man this a psa
and it’s from conrad jenkins
call me bobby flay
cause i’m full-on sprinting in the kitchen
making dishes you ain’t never seen like snow to a jamaican
and i’m blowing evergreen in a backwood like i’m planking
i’m always on my feet
need me a lady giving foot rubs
moving to my grooves like cut rugs
cause i be going yard for these lyrics like a hut one
you got that kind of face only a mother could love
i never switched up
i’ve been the same
i’m just crazy as f-ck
but i’ve been sane
you need to really listen to what wiig’s saying
cause ya boy’s been heating up like motherf-cking beng-y
i could probably help your girl with her back ache and neck sprains
and she whispered in my ear that i’m next, ayeee
but that’s ironic cause i’m tongue-tying
speaking real
you pied-piping
really spitting sick like bronchitis
and their lungs dying
money ain’t shit without someone humble behind it
if you forget then play this song and get reminded