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conrad jenkins – zoolander freestyle (pt i) lyrics


[verse 1: connor]

hold on
just sipping on my soco
feeling like hans solo in a futuristic four-door
oh no
this john doe
bound to blow fasho though
but when he on the mic
he always think he virtuoso
i use my mind wise
you compromise to snort blow with hobos
you cry and try to flirt with po-po that’s poco
i’m loco
yeah yeah
risk it all like frodo
crazy like k-ci & jojo
twista taught me to stay hopeful
these vocals…
notes full
i spit so much, my throat swoll
bounce ya man like pogo
take rosanna like toto
yeah yeah
they snap photos on the gopro
my polo rep the cf logo
connor in the crowd
they on the ground like dodo
condor in the clouds
while they scrounge like a mole hole
and if they want the sound
soundcloud my steelo
i do this unannounced
and i do this for my people

[verse 2: connor]

i got that gorgeous instinct
metamorphosis in-sync
extortionists extinct
importance when i think
while y’all leech like millipedes
i feast on grilled cheese
until these ends meet like footsie with ten feet
extremely friendly
try and end me, bow!
get stitches like shawn mendes
this ain’t a trend please
this is clonefree
the rest is less
jenkins shake the game up like etch-a-sketch
the best is next
wiig’s caress falling through the net like steve nash
been blessed
never hit a cigarette but got the tree stashed
i’d die for the art like i bleed raps
shine light through night like street lamps
we revamped…
bling bling
who is it?
connor raps in quantum physics
they talking rigid
want me livid
keep it level-headed
like, “who y’all?
you lukewarm
i’m too sewn
my two b-lls make the calls around these parts”
gotta list of shit to flow
you fall in white waters below
i kiss the smoke like mistletoes
you shut your throat like zipper strokes
yeah yeah
these girls think i’m mighty fine
but it ain’t my time to be going left
when i’m right and fall behind
and i’m never truly satisfied
being a perfectionist
i’m putting in a hundred
but i’m getting ninety-nine
like all the time…