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conrad keely – engines of the dark lyrics


[verse 1]
and for the pain it brought the same blood
trickled down my brain
and from the street high on the hill
filled with all the blood you slept with romeo
can we afford one more distraction
before the thread of this come a new day
we can sample life throughout the world
what has happened
what it means to stay
now i want to get more like the shape of things
i’ve live without
i want to hope someone great
could be as simple as distance now
under the land and the rain
the place where magic is found

[verse 2]
oh yea the coldness of the dark fall between the places
which will vanish long away
at least a thousand faces staring out
on them windows like a halloween day
i want to go against the walls of non existence now
i want to dance i want to breathe
all we do is fight and scream against the crowd
all those notes of rainy stars of a stream of broken bounds
ah whoa