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constant flow – celebrate life lyrics


wah, yeah yeah

[verse 1:]
she just graduated college
at her ceremony know i had to pay her homage
yeah, we go travel to st. thomas
girl i booked the flights we out saturday i promise you [let’s go]
the way you captivate my conscious
girl you out this world you should be navigating karma shit
and those who chick try to lick your wounds
you was looking at me one kiss i made you switch your tunes
she straight, i know you made this kid your groom
heard your past rumours i don’t even listen to em
nope look, before we jump it go and get that broom
we gon have to clean up house tidy up that living room
yeah, from the top to the bottom floor
i gutted out, i trump it up and made and make it tash mahone
ma i’m depressed you know i want it all
we gon party like it’s 1999 but never drop the ball yeah

sometimes we [?] first time i saw her i loved her
and due to circ-mstance
go to higher than the heavens above her
[?] certainly mad, if i could i woulda taken it for her
and chose to take you from ma hand
and we still here and we’ll be celebrating life

[verse 2:]
celebrating at our baby shower
who woulda thought some deep strokes could really break a condom
yeah, but make no mistake about it
she the one i wanna spend my life with ain’t no way around it
electric slides and the place is crowded
and we looking extra fly in our favorite outfits
p-wings with the multicolor summer shirts
making fun of everyone until she said her tummy hurts
ha ha, her belly aching not just corny jokes
looking at the floor checking if her water broke
no water just blood i know you embarr-ssed
i think my baby just had a missed carriage
we take a trip to the er
i’m yelling at the nurses k!ller flipping like a retard
i told the doctor that i want an answer
he pulled me to the side and told me she got a stomach cancer


[verse 3:]
today is our wedding day
but soon will be your funeral procession wait
that’s why i cherish these second state
glad for a child she came to see sexuate
ma love for you never went astray
we made a life together never go our separate ways
that’s why i have to be positive
cause if not that’s gonna make you not wanna live
and a daughter needs a mother
now i gotta show her you adored her and you loved her
and though the chemo got you slimming down
to me you still looking fly in that wedding gown
what a night yo our daughter throwing flowers up
we said our vows love your smile walking down the aisle
i wish jesus would have touched your wound
but he touched ma heart when he took you on our honeymoon