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constructus corporation – choose your own adventure lyrics


[verse 1: watkins tudor jones as narrator]

now, part 2 is kind of like a choose your own adventure type-thing. so, send your beautifully presented well written stories to the address in the back of the book, and we can begin constructing the next phase

now… before we go, we want to remind you:
that people are different from fruit. although they have the tendency of acting like fruit from time to time, don’t worry about the silly old bad apple in your basket. human beings are the most wonderful creatures who have the amazing ability to act in the exact opposite way to fruit. it definitely takes a little extra effort to awaken this remarkable power we have inside us. but, believe-you-me once you’ve made that big, brave decision, it’s like waking up at four in the morning and taking an ice cold shower. if you know what i’m saying?

thank you very much for listening so nicely!

[verse 2: yolandi visser]
when the clock strikes midnight
quickly, take the coin
don’t hesitate
go to the arcade

[?] hysterical
brace yourself
take a breath
pull your hair out
go to the arcade

when your mom is sleeping
little mouse
through the house
take you bike and
go the the arcade

and you mind will
find it’s
neon lights
try and die
try your luck
go to the arcade–