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converge – jane doe – live lyrics


[jacob bannon]
okay we have one more song left this evening
which one could it be?
forreal thank you so much for sharing your time and
your heart with us especially if you’ve never heard our band before and you’re enjoying us or not enjoying us for the first time
we really appreciate your willing hearts and ears tonight
cause it’s such a diverse festival and so f-cking awesome
to see this many people come out and support
dark, weird, experimental music
alright our friend steve is going to join us once again

this song is titled “jane doe”

these floods of you are unforgiving
pushing past me spilling through the banks
and i fall
faster than light and faster than time
that’s how memory works
at least in the dark where i’m searching for meaning
when i’m just searching for something
i want out
out of every awkward day
out of every tongue tied loss
i want out
out of the burdening night sweats
out of the rising seas of blood
lost in you like saturday nights
searching the streets with bedroom eyes
just dying to be saved
run on girl
run on

[audience applause]