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conway the machine – country mike lyrics


yeah, uh
you know what’s up, p-ssy

[verse 1]
watch froze, foreign that i drove, dodging potholes
extendo clips and the glocks, we got those
versace my clothes, every time i answer my phone
that’s like a block sold, you can say i got the block sewed
grab two cubes of ice and drop those, the product in the pot rose
eleven hundred my o’s, it’s residue on my stove (talk to ’em)
dior all on my toes, eleven hundred, rock those
choppers, we pop those, d-mn
we ain’t the same if you don’t shoot your blick or use your stick
don’t try to hide, if we can’t find you, we gon’ shoot your b-tch
nail her to the crucifix, gruesome sh-t
i hate rappers, f-ck you and that n-gg- that produced your sh-t

[verse 2]
lately i been gettin’ a lot of hate, uh
razor to the side of your face, you violate
blue hundred dollar bills, sniffin’ c-ke on versace plates
think about all the commas i’ma make when i create
i come from the bottom wildin’ and hoppin’ gates, uh
if you ain’t got a body, you probably cannot relate, uh
country mike died in my face in ’98
gun was in the yard, not on my waist, that’s my mistake, ah (rest in peace, my n-gg-)
yeah, i get hate from haters ’cause i’m makin’ paper
f-ck them n-gg-s, i did it my way and now my cake is major
hit your face with razor, i slide with stick like i play for sabres
we poppin’ them sticks, fifty shot clips, that sh-t’ll wake the neighbors
all these rappers stealin’ my lane i made up, i’m who they say is the savior
tell these new n-gg-s they can thank me later (thank me later, n-gg-)
boring, it’s like you swimming in the lake with gators
razor my plate up, choppin’ weight up, get your weight up, p-ssy