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cookie money – gunplay lyrics


chea it’s cookie money boyyy
upper cl-ss trill youngns nigga

[hook: cookie money & (blck elvis)]
you know what it is
cookie money in these streets nigga all day
if a nigga run up on me then its gunplay
we been grinding in them cutts and them hallways
(we getting money money money talking all day, pull up skirt
broke b-tch shut up
a nigga tried to run i had to hit him with the chopper
on mammas, on mammas
a nigga tried to run i had to hit him with the chopper)

[verse 1: cookie money]
pull a drum on a sucker make him back down
cookie money l’s up nigga lay ’em down
in the kitchen cooking bricks started selling pounds
chopping grams in the hood selling 50 rocks
young nigga from the hood now i’m flipping blocks
quarter milli on the whips screaming f-ck the opps
i’ve got my foot on they neck i’m ’bout to break they shit
no favors in this game bro we taking shit

[bridge: blck elvis & (cookie money)]
i’m in oakland california smoking cookie i’m with cookie money
chopping [?] down its a wrap like a f-cking mummy
i can smell the green like a salad bar
and your whip prehistoric jurrasic park your car
chill dude, ice cube
these cat daddy’s turn you pussies into cat food
(nigga i freestyle, i do this shit
i’m a young nigga in this shit i move this shit)


[verse 2: clearitout & (young sonnieboe)]
fn with a stick on it
young nigga i’m turnt up
young niggas with big shit we young niggas we burnt up
glizzy on me it’s play time
murking shit for the wrong cause i’m paranoid i did dirt i hate when i get them phone calls
jump off the porch i know wrong
[?] nigga i know wrong
you know i saw when i go home and throw that all black on
when i’m chilling it’s all white
tru jeans and a cook shirt
i’m the shit came out the -ss i love to leave a b-tch hurt
(all this money on my mind i can’t f-cking think
all these b-tches eyes glued they don’t even blink
get up early in the morning and i do my thing
f-ck some new friends i just copped a new chain
it’s cold outside watch a nigga make it rain
speaking down on a nigga but don’t know my name
she give me top she a thot and that’s a d-mn shame
then you kiss her on the lips that’s your main thing)


[verse 3: layemdown]
30 shots to a hundered i’ma flex on them
stand down and if you don’t i’ll put the tec on you
glock 30 [?] and watch them niggas run
it’s 31 cause i stuffed it so you know he done
fully loaded sneaking up like i’m a navy seal
chopper rounds will lay him down it’s a done deal
the game’s [?] get the money let them haters hate
a couple friends from a youngn yeah they turned fake
hard life i had to live from my born day
so flex ’round man and the devil coming out to play
i move swift no sounds like a ghost nigga
no teammates i’m too hard so i’m the coach nigga
real nigga raised thugging on the block nigga
i knock ’em down like dominoes 40 glock nigga
can’t stop won’t stop so b-tch shut up
game time couple hours with a youngn, i can’t let up