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cookie money – rules to hustlin’ lyrics


pistols? we pop em’
bricks? we cop em’
we break em’ down and send them to the block and let the junkies rock em’
money? we get it
and real n-gg-s flippin’
we kickin’ a little knowledge so you young n-gg-s get it
from the streets to the cells, you better play this game right
cause’ one false move man that sh-t’ll make you lose your life
there’s rules to this hustlin’ cause’ n-gg-s come from strugglin’ and all we know is bubblin’

[verse 1]
in the morning i wake up
then i roll an eighth up
my b-tch put on her makeup cause’ it’s time to get our cake up
its fast life we livin’, no time for chillin’
its a hundred plus k!llings and i’m out here ducking prison cause’ i got a glock on my lap
lil cook from the trap
and i made it out that b-tch and them n-gg-s don’t like that
so they pillow talking with b-tches
the workers turned to snitches
but all my clips extended if you want it come and get it
and i ain’t running from no problems and i ain’t duckin’ none either
but before you start that violence n-gg- gotta get your cheese up
in the town right now, a choppa cost a rack and i’m prepared to spend this bread to put a n-gg- on his back
so i have lil j in the room now i got some problems i’m coming to get you i got my chopper you got your block
n-gg- we sliding through to k!ll you
we brothers but from different mothers bang for blocks f-ck colors my n-gg-s about trouble
you ain’t on my side f-ck em’


[verse 2]
i’m balling on they b-tch -ss
i got these n-gg-s so mad
that lamborghini so fast
you f-cking with a top hat
i break bread with k!llers
my daddy was a dealer and i only f-ck with strippers you don’t know a n-gg- realer
i was the first on 22’s, the first on 24’s the youngest in this foreign sh-t, liftin’ lambo doors
go run my name n-gg- bring your resume wit’chu i didn’t see you in the streets when i was in the rain gettin’ it
and i got it out the mud
i was sittin’ on a pillow slidin’ in the sideshow when n-gg-s rolled on dubs
you ain’t in my league, i don’t f-ck with scrubs
you the type of n-gg- wait in line to get in club
i pop bottles and stunt
it’s cookie money n-gg-
went from sellin’ dope to sellin’ hoes now a n-gg- eatin’ off vocals
from projects to private jets while you n-gg-s is still local
money got me goin’ loco don’t get shot by this 4-4