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cooley savant – monsters v lyrics


verse 1
my hands they are getting too old
my legs they have no places to go
my head gets way too tired to hold
all these people, places, and memories and monsters i know

chorus (donn o’ day)
life moves faster when you try to catch up
and my soul doesn’t move like it used to
am i changing
do i stay the same
cause i don’t want to grow old

verse 2
and i really miss the days
when things were same and sane
and daddy kept the fire blazing
the sirens on the sat-rdays
when momma fried filets
and kept that food from wasting
we laid in the back of yards
to back of bars
to back of cars
to packed in bas-m-nts
shots rang on my boulevard
and all has changed
and childhoods lost to homes invaded
take me home
while i’m actin a fool
program me right after the school
church me in the back of the pews
learn me
work me
burn me
hurt me like they hurting you too
and now that we’re perfectly damaged
we’re all fit to manage a child of our own
in our own broken homes
housing our cells
and our h-lls
and our veils
and our wells
and our selves

but these trees don’t get climbed no more
and these clothes don’t get ironed no more
and these holes never hide no more
cause these things get us by no more

when these dreams wonder why no more
and these swings get us high no more
the feelings you feel when you feel like them feelings ain’t ever been felt before


verse 3 (grier smith)
i don’t wanna grow old, no more
closer to a casket, i was much
closer to being happy
when they was pulling rabbits outta hats
these days i lost my magic
these days it’s hard for me to laugh when
these bills debt calls uncle sam collecting taxes
gotta hit the irs like i don’t have it
biggie said we living better now
most of my nights come with cold sweats i sweat it out birthdays be the worst days
another candle on the cake
feels like i lost a handle on my faith
feels like i’m moving closer to my fate
but they say everybody gotta go someday
since a kid i ain’t been living right
there’s monsters on that other side
eternity’s a long time
looking for a compromise
i said i wanna grow up
right now i’m ducking father time
i’m living off a borrowed time

verse 4 (atelomidas)
i just want to feel embraced
seen people and dreams all get thrown away
let me just make a way
to a place that i’ll never have to race
never have to pace, or look myself up in the face
what happens when my heroes p-ss away?
that’s daily, can i count maybe
why do you forsake me?
when i need you the most
i remember watching you like it was seasons ago
how many seasons to go?
cause i no longer can take it
addict of the future now lost in the bas-m-nt
it’s baseless, but the time ain’t the proof don’t chase it
but the time ain’t the proof don’t chase it
cause we don’t know how the story goes
and we always try to change our roles
only god knows how this all unfolds
i suppose the monster is that we always try to know
the unknown

chorus (donn o’ day & the just -ssembled choir)

i don’t wanna
i don’t wanna
grow old no more

i don’t wanna
i don’t wanna
grow old no more

i don’t wanna
i don’t wanna
grow old no more

i don’t wanna
i don’t wanna
grow old no more

i don’t wanna